Stone's Manly

Come in...
our door is always open
The hidden charm...
of those around you
Setting off...
to explore the scenery
Pockets of bliss...
on every corner
Submerge yourself...
in every aspect of this community
Reflect and appreciate...
this suburb and its community
Taking time out...
with your local agent
What a wonderful community...
relax and enjoy
Friendly service...
is just the beginning
Push the boundaries...
of what Manly has to offer
A day of rest...
brings a week of content
and enjoy the view
What a way to end the week...
then sitting along the beachfront
Sit and contemplate...
over a cup of Coffee
Your journey awaits...
at Manly Wharf
STONE Manly 10 Darley Road, Manly, NSW 2095

Meet the Team

Adam Moore Licensed Real Estate Agent
"To be a market leader you need to be with the best agency, that's why I chose Stone"
Candice Cattell
Candice Cattell Licensed Real Estate Agent
"I know this area like the inside of my own home"
Tim Mumford
Tim Mumford Licensed Real Estate Agent
"Stone is about focusing entirely on what the clients really want"
James Hayward Real Estate Salesperson
"I enjoy meeting new and interesting people daily and the experiencing some of the area's best homes."
Michael Egan Licensed Real Estate Agent
"Michael brings a wealth of experience, down to earth approach and a burning desire to ensure his clients receive exceptional service & results"
Deena Newing Property Manager
"I love the Manly area and I am delighted to share that lifestyle experience with others"
Georgia Prior Property Officer
"I chose Real Estate because I love helping people"
John Hall
John Hall Client Relationship Manager
"John loves that his job allows him to meet new people and help them achieve their property aspirations."
J Cole
Jordan Cole Client Service Manager
"I guide my clients through the process of marketing and leasing out their investment properties"
Sarah Cass Property Officer
"Sarah loves working with Stone as she feels constantly inspired and motivated by this progressive team"
Selina Dwyer Senior Property Manager
"I like to think I have a fine tuned understanding of what my landlords need"
Vanessa Laface Senior Property Manager
"My clients come first, I always have their best interests in mind"
Craig Wicks
Craig Wicks Sales Associate to Adam Moore
"I'm always on the go, that's why this industry fits me so well. Never a dull moment and Stone is always moving forward"
Ellie Thompson
Ellie Thompson Personal Assistant to Candice Cattell
"Passionate about property, Ellie enjoys the fact that real estate allows her to deal with an ever-changing array of interesting people"
Evan Gamkrelidze Sales Associate
"I love the culture and relate well to the people who call the local area home"
PoppyWEB (2).jpg
Poppy Evans Personal Assistant to Tim Mumford
"I am proud to sell the amazing lifestyle that Manly has to offer."
Sabine web.jpg
Sabine Moore Sales Associate
"I love being able to meet and help a range of people in buying and selling property"
tracy black
Tracy Black Sales Associate
"I am about helping my clients make the best decision for their needs, there is no "one size fits all" in finding a home"
Alison Prato Accounts
"I'm working hard to ensure you have a stress-free experience when you deal with Stone"
Chris Auton
Chris Auton Finance Manager
"I pride myself on providing a highly personalised service to all of Stone’s valued clients"
CJ Morello Operations Manager at Stone Invest
"When it comes to sound property investing, there is no “magic” – just hours of research, unemotional decision making, and a passion to succeed."
Gina Van Agten
Gina Van Agten Head of People & Culture
"I am focussed on the selection of high performing real estate talent in the industry to ensure the best of the best join the Stone team."
Haylie Middleton Concierge
"I thrive in the Stone office environment where everyone is friendly, helpful and hardworking."
Jamie Bennett General Manager
"Real Estate is a simple business which we often over complicate. It is our role to simplify ..."
Luke Cameron
Luke Cameron Franchise Growth Manager
"I ensure that Stone's core values and exceptional standards are upheld in the ever-expanding Stone network"
Mark Murphy Head of Sales
"I have found over the years that our clients appreciate honesty and a rational approach above all else"
Paul Honour Head of Marketing
"From newsprint advertising to full gloss brochures, your property marketing is in good hands at Stone."
Peter Mumford
Peter Mumford Founder / CEO
"Here at Stone, we are interested in long-term relationships, not one-off transactions."
Phil Anderson CEO of Stone Invest
"Our number one goal at Stone Invest is to both protect every day property investors, and assist them in making sound investment decisions."
Stone_Samantha55086_BW WEB.jpg
Samantha Macri Head of Property Management
"My goal is to change how people think about typical Estate Agents"
Simon Cotter Senior Auctioneer
"The adrenalin of an auction is electric, it's Real Estate at it's best"
Zander New
Zander Snape Design & Media
"My job is to create the most unique marketing that makes Stone stand out from the rest"

Stone Loves Manly.

What is it about this place...

Manly is the heart and soul of the Northern Beaches, transforming into a renowned culinary destination loved for its fabulous restaurants, trendy cafes and intimate bars. Its golden beaches are world famous, its location between the ocean and harbour makes it scenically beautiful and its people and property are interesting and diverse.

Where the locals go...

Laidback coastal sophistication at its best

Long renowned as a recreational paradise, the Manly area’s evolution into a culinary, cultural and creative hub is now complete. Find your favourite local café where your barista knows you by name, dine at exclusive restaurants or hide away in cosy wine bars, all with that relaxed coastal flavour for which Manly is loved.

Head to its beautiful beaches, secluded bays or protected harbourfront and enjoy countless coastal activities – surfing, stand-up paddle-boarding, whatever takes your fancy. Take pleasure in a line-up of great local festivals and events including eclectic markets, surfing competitions and music.