Meet the team

  • AronWEB.jpg

    Aaron Bongiorno

    "I thrive on the variety and fast pace of real estate and I am delighted to be at the helm of Stone"
  • adam-472x472.jpg

    Adam Moore
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "To be a market leader you need to be with the best agency, that's why I chose Stone"
  • AndyHIRES2.jpg

    Andy Howden
    Principal / Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "There is no greater motivator than the complete satisfaction of my clients. My dedication to helping them realise their dreams, is at the core of what drives me."
  • AWEB.jpg

    Annika Bongiorno
    Principal / Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "I am 100% committed to my business and ensuring my client’s ultimate success."
  • Candice Cattell

    Candice Cattell
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "I know this area like the inside of my own home"
  • chris-472x472.jpg

    Chris Elliott
    Partner / Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "I feel I have a straight-forward approach to property, I want to help people transition easily from one home to the next"
  • DanielWEB.jpg

    Daniel Baran
    Principal / Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "I'm down-to-earth, energetic and creative, by employing smart sales strategies I manage to deliver the best possible result for my clients."
  • greg wooWEB.jpg

    Greg Woo
    Partner / Senior Property Manager

    "I enjoy helping my clients any way I can, we work together to grow wealth in property"
  • Ian Clarke

    Ian Clarke
    Principal / Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "Honesty, integrity and commitment to my clients allows me to make their property aspirations a reality."
  • James2WEB.jpg

    James Hawley
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "My clients are my focus. Understanding their needs and giving personalised service is why I achieve great results"
  • Jill Henry

    Jill Henry
    Principal / Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "Trustworthy and approachable with a reputation for integrity, Jill puts her clients at ease and provides complete peace of mind."
  • WEB.jpg

    Jonathan Kaars
    Partner / Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "I love being able to provide my clients with quality advice and guidance, it sets what I do apart"
  • maria-472x472.jpg

    Maria Cassarino

    "Understanding the psychology behind negotiating is my forte. I combine this with integrity for the best results, this job is my passion"
  • PaulWEB.jpg

    Paul Wigan
    Principal / Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "I understand the level of service clients expect and ensure my Leasing and Management team deliver nothing less."
  • Phil Vanstone Headshot

    Phil Vanstone
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "I have a real passion for working in this idyllic area of Australia, Pittwater is a place you never want to leave."
  • Phillip Wright new

    Phillip Wright

    "I love what I do and I pride myself on achieving outstanding results…"
  • BekWEB.jpg

    Rebecca Mitchell
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "I love living here, and I love selling property here!"
  • ReeseColemanHIRES.jpg

    Reece Coleman
    Principal / Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "For over 20 years, I have been championing a more personalised, service-led approach to real estate."
  • Robweb.jpg

    Rob Szosta
    Principal / Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "Putting my clients needs and desires first and foremost is key to my record results"
  • Steven Kourdis

    Steven Kourdis
    Principal / Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "Coupled with his approachable and friendly nature, Steven’s honed negotiating skills are the key to his record results and seamless transactions."
  • tim 2

    Tim Mumford
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "Stone is about focusing entirely on what the clients really want"
  • BelindaHIRES2.jpg

    Belinda Edwards
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "I have a high work ethic and unparalleled commitment to exceeding my client expectations."
  • web.jpg

    Belinda Shearer
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "My clients appreciate my ability to make the sales process seamless and enjoyable while maintaining the utmost professionalism."
  • Ben O

    Benjamin O'Brien
    Real Estate Salesperson

    "Our team culture allows me to deliver the best service to our clients"
  • DaveWEB.jpg

    David Bain
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "My committment to my clients is my honesty, integrity and determination to give the very best service"
  • DavidWEB new.jpg

    David Hayden
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "The job satisfaction helping others move forward in their lives is incredible. I love the Forest area and my passion influences great results."
  • Dave Web

    David Holm
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "Working with Stone allows me to provide better service for my clients, not just for one sale, but for a lifetime of their property needs."
  • DesireeWEB.jpg

    Desiree Hough
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "My caring attitude for every aspect of the sale shows my unfailing commitment to my valued clients."
  • DiWEB.jpg

    Di Henry
    Buyer's Agent

    "I have bought and sold properties for many years, and know precisely what represents an excellent investment"
  • Fiona 2

    Fiona Navarro
    Real Estate Salesperson

    "My corporate career helped me forge exceptional negotiation skills, enduring business relationships and significant financial and investment knowledge"
  • HeatherWEB.jpg

    Heather McCartney
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "My interpersonal skills, energy and passion contribute to my top-class negotiation skills when it comes to buying and selling property"
  • Jamesh

    James Hayward
    Real Estate Salesperson

    "I enjoy meeting new and interesting people daily and the experiencing some of the area's best homes."
  • Julie Ann Bundock

    Julie Ann Bundock
    Real Estate Salesperson

    "I believe there is no excuse for underselling a property, my experience ensures that is not an option"
  • Julia HancockWEB.jpg

    Julie Hancock
    Buyers Agent

    "I love interacting with people, from first home buyers to empty nesters and investors."
  • Mae Chan

    Mae Chan
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "As a specialist in the Upper North Shore area, I am committed to providing exceptional service and equally exceptional results for my valued clients."
  • webcrop.jpg

    Michael Egan
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "Michael brings a wealth of experience, down to earth approach and a burning desire to ensure his clients receive exceptional service & results"
  • MurrayWEB.jpg

    Murray Bakker
    Real Estate Salesperson

    "My long history in the area, honesty and strong local network help me consistently achieve exceptional results."
  • Sandie

    Sandie Dunne
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "I'm lucky because my clients come back to me time and time again, they realise that I work hard to achieve the best result for them"
  • SimoneWEB.jpg

    Simone Sinclair
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "I’m delighted to align myself with a forward-thinking boutique agency that shares my progressive vision, marketing prowess and team-focused culture."
  • Terase New web

    Terase Calligeros
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "I feel extremely proud in recommending my neighbourhood to all potential buyers."
  • Tess MailmanWEB.jpg

    Tess Mailman
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "I love being able to sell the location and lifestyle that I enjoy everyday"
  • TobyMartinWEB.jpg

    Toby Martin
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "Market knowledge, understanding trends, expert negotiation and delivering accurate communication to my vendors is why I have a growing list of satisfied clients"
  • Tulo Sila

    Tulo Sila
    Real Estate Salesperson

    "I take no listing for granted, appreciate the trust my clients place in me and treat all vendors and buyers like family."
  • TyWEB.jpg

    Ty McCartney-Brown
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "I approach every sale with a fresh, energetic and youthful attitude, which allows me to get my clients desired result."
  • Adam McAskill  2

    Adam McAskill
    Property Officer

    "I enjoy matching clients to their dream homes and is something I take great pride in."
  • AmandaWEB.jpg

    Amanda Dimakis
    Senior Property Manager

    "My extensive knowledge of the Eastern Suburbs makes me a specialist in this area."
  • AshleyWEB.jpg

    Ashleigh Flood
    Senior Property Manager

    "My friendly nature and passion for the area have allowed me to build strong personal relationships with both landlords and tenants."
  • BrettWEB.jpg

    Brett Wilkie
    Senior Property Manager

    "My passion and commitment to our clients, results in a service beyond their expectations."
  • CristineEganWEB.jpg

    Christine Egan
    Licensed Real Estate Agent

    "My local knowledge and insight is second to none, allowing me to deliver outstanding advice and results to my valued clients."
  • ClaireWEB.jpg

    Claire Kinnaird
    Senior Property Manager

    "I get enormous satisfaction from finding the best solution to any situation and thrive on building strong relationships"
  • clare-472-472.jpg

    Clare Nasio
    Senior Property Manager

    "Property Management can be stressful, that's where I come in, to make my clients' lives easier."
  • elizaweb.jpg

    Eliza Cosgrave
    Property Manager

    "Working in this industry is never boring, but for our clients, it should be smooth sailing. We work hard to make this happen"
  • Emilyweb.jpg

    Emily Tam
    Sales Associate

    "Sincere and approachable, I thrive on meeting new people. Quickly building great rapport with my clients and buyers, I have developed many long-lasting relationships which I value immensely"
  • FaddyWEB.jpg

    Faddy Al-Anbagi
    Property Manager

    "My ability to build long-term relationships with my Landlords and Tenants benefits everyone involved."
  • Gemma Hall

    Gemma Hall
    Property Manager

    "I love what I do and pride myself on providing an exceptional experience and results"
  • GeorgeWEB.jpg

    Georgia Prior
    Property Officer

    "I chose Real Estate because I love helping people"
  • jennyweb.jpg

    Jenny Billing
    Property Manager

    "I pride myself on being a dedicated, hard worker, which is easy for me because I enjoy what I do so much."
  • John Hall

    John Hall
    Client Relationship Manager

    "John loves that his job allows him to meet new people and help them achieve their property aspirations."
  • karenweb.jpg

    Karen Burton
    Property Manager

    "Living and working on the Northern Beaches means I get to enjoy this stunning part of the world all week long, and help others find homes here too"
  • laura-472x472.jpg

    Laura Healey
    Senior Property Manager

    "I know organisation is key, but customer service is most important"
  • Matthew DownesWEB.jpg

    Matthew Downes
    Property Officer

    "As an Artarmon local, I know the area intimately, which is an invaluable asset for my clients."
  • NatashaWEB.jpg

    Natasha Petukh
    Real Estate Salesperson

    "I pride myself on making clients real estate transactions the enjoyable experience it should be."
  • 472x472-sarah-cass.jpg

    Sarah Cass
    Property Officer

    "Sarah loves working with Stone as she feels constantly inspired and motivated by this progressive team"
  • Sarvia

    Sarvia Vivas
    Senior Property Manager

    "My Finance background gives me a unique perspective in finding the most effective solutions for my clients"
  • selina-472x472.jpg

    Selina Dwyer
    Senior Property Manager

    "I like to think I have a fine tuned understanding of what my landlords need"
  • SP

    Stephen Park
    Property Manager

    "I strive to help all of my clients day in, day out"
  • 472x472-todd.jpg

    Todd Baker
    Client Relationship Manager

    "I've learned that no matter what, the only time I'm satisfied is when my clients are"
  • vanessa-472x472.jpg

    Vanessa Laface
    Senior Property Manager

    "My clients come first, I always have their best interests in mind"
  • Amanda Kourdis

    Amanda Kourdis
    Sales Associate

    "Amanda loves the people aspect of real estate – understanding clients, their needs and their motivations in order to achieve premium results."
  • Amy S

    Amy Squillace
    Sales Associate to Rebecca Mitchell

    "I am constantly exploring new business strategies to achieve better results for my clients."
  • Anthony WIlson

    Anthony Wilson
    Sales Associate

    "I am driven, passionate, diligent and enjoy working side by side with my clients to achieve outstanding results for them."
  • ChrisWEB.jpg

    Chris Keane
    Sales Associate

    "I make it a priority to ensure everyone I deal with feels important, that's why I chose Stone."
  • Ellie Thompson

    Ellie Thompson
    Personal Assistant to Candice Cattell

    "Passionate about property, Ellie enjoys the fact that real estate allows her to deal with an ever-changing array of interesting people"
  • EvanWEB.jpg

    Evan Gamkrelidze
    Sales Associate

    "I love the culture and relate well to the people who call the local area home"
  • JosieWEB.jpg

    Josie Doolan
    Sales Associate

    "I get immense pleasure from helping clients with one of their most major life decisions."
  • 472x472-laura-hart.jpg

    Laura Mulvihill
    Personal Assistant to Maria Cassarino

    "At Stone I am able to work in an industry I love, in a company that understands customers' needs"
  • marilyn.jpg

    Marilyn Farquhar
    Sales Associate

    "Enthusiasm, positivity and knowledge, working as a team we will get the best results."
  • PoppyWEB (2).jpg

    Poppy Evans
    Personal Assistant to Tim Mumford

    "I am proud to sell the amazing lifestyle that Manly has to offer."
  • Ryan WOo

    Ryan Woo
    Sales Associate

    "I find immense fulfilment in providing value to my clients and helping them achieve their real estate goals"
  • Sabine web.jpg

    Sabine Moore
    Sales Associate

    "I love being able to meet and help a range of people in buying and selling property"
  • SuzieWEB.jpg

    Suzie Hutton
    Sales Associate

    "I treat each and every client with respect and will always dedicate myself to achieving the highest possible results"
  • tracy black

    Tracy Black
    Sales Associate

    "I am about helping my clients make the best decision for their needs, there is no "one size fits all" in finding a home"
  • WinnieWEB.jpg

    Winnie Guo
    Sales Associate

    "My understanding of both the buyers' and sellers' needs allow me to deliver high customer satisfaction for my clients."
  • 472x472-alison.jpg

    Alison Prato

    "I'm working hard to ensure you have a stress-free experience when you deal with Stone"
  • BrowynWEB.jpg

    Bronwen Gora

    "I find a real satisfaction in engaging audiences with the stories behind property."
  • CJWEB.jpg

    CJ Morello
    Operations Manager at Stone Invest

    "When it comes to sound property investing, there is no “magic” – just hours of research, unemotional decision making, and a passion to succeed."
  • Gina Van Agten

    Gina Van Agten
    Talent Recruitment Manager

    "I am focussed on the selection of high performing real estate talent in the industry to ensure the best of the best join the Stone team."
  • hannah manu

    Hannah Manu
    Sales Associate

    "I love that my job is to help people find a home here, on the stunning Northern Beaches"
  • Haylie Middleton

    Haylie Middleton

    "I thrive in the Stone office environment where everyone is friendly, helpful and hardworking."
  • IreneWEB.jpg

    Irene Caputo

    "I'm passionate about everything I do, and to many I am the first voice or contact with Stone Double Bay"
  • jamie-472x472.jpg

    Jamie Bennett
    General Manager

    "Real Estate is a simple business which we often over complicate. It is our role to simplify ..."
  • JaneWEB.jpg

    Jane Bramma

    "I get enormous satisfaction from providing clients with the high level of customer service they deserve."
  • julieweb.jpg

    Julie Herbert
    Office Manager

    "With over 25 years experience, I'm still learning. Real Estate is always changing and growing and that's why I love it"
  • Webrez.jpg

    Kellie West

    "A long-time local, I enjoy the social aspect of my role and the chance to be part of a great team."
  • Luke Cameron

    Luke Cameron
    Franchise Growth Manager

    "I ensure that Stone's core values and exceptional standards are upheld in the ever-expanding Stone network"
  • mark-472x472-updated.jpg

    Mark Murphy
    Head of Sales

    "I have found over the years that our clients appreciate honesty and a rational approach above all else"
  • nadine3hires472.jpg

    Nadine Leckie
    Office Manager

    "I'm working hard at keeping the office moving, so you can count on us any day of the week"
  • NicoleWEB.jpg

    Nicole Wigan

    "My life-long career in real estate gives our clients the support needed for an all-round outstanding service experience."
  • 472x472-paul.jpg

    Paul Honour
    Head of Marketing

    "From newsprint advertising to full gloss brochures, your property marketing is in good hands at Stone."
  • Peter Mumford

    Peter Mumford
    Founder / CEO

    "Here at Stone, we are interested in long-term relationships, not one-off transactions."
  • PhilWEB.jpg

    Phil Anderson
    CEO of Stone Invest

    "Our number one goal at Stone Invest is to both protect every day property investors, and assist them in making sound investment decisions."
  • Stone_Samantha55086_BW WEB.jpg

    Samantha Macri
    Head of Property Management

    "My goal is to change how people think about typical Estate Agents"
  • sharon-472x472.jpg

    Sharon Malakou
    Office Manager

    "Customer service is very important to me, Stone helps me deliver a super experience for our clients"
  • 472x472-simon-cotter.jpg

    Simon Cotter
    Senior Auctioneer

    "The adrenalin of an auction is electric, it's Real Estate at it's best"
  • Taraweb.jpg

    Tarrah Tulloch
    Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator

    "I am a proactive individual who is determined to carve out a long and successful real estate career"
  • Zander New

    Zander Snape
    Design & Media

    "My job is to create the most unique marketing that makes Stone stand out from the rest"